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HWB Automatic Veneer Patcher
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Automatic Feed Veneer Patcher

Product features

The built-in silo vertical automatic veneer repair machine is the most up-to-date research and development of our company. In addition to the original automatic veneer repair functions and advantages, the fully automatic loading mechanism is set inside the machine. It solves the difficulty of operator immobility where workstation is occupied by the loading mechanism, so as to greatly improve the circulation of workpieces in the production line and save a lot of space. One-off loading can ensure automatic and continuous supply of patches for a long time, without frequent manual replenishment, improving the productivity and filling the gaps in the industry. This machine is applicable to repair all kinds of wood veneer. It is easy to operate and quick to patch. With stable and reliable functions, it not only saves a lot of manpower and reduce production costs, also improves the quality of the veneer.


Major technical parameters

Name HWBZ60×100LZ Automatic Feed Veneer Patcher
Mending veneer thickness 1.5~3.5 mm
Mending veneer size 60×100mm(butterfly model)
Maximum working deep 1400 mm
Mending speed Each process takes about 2 seconds.
Power 5.75 KW
Compressed air 4~6 kg/cm2
Normal oil pressure 16 MPa
Diameter of cylinder Φ2-63 mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 2750×1250×1850 mm
Approx weight 3000 kg



HWBZ60*100LVeneer Patching Press
HWBZ60*100LVeneer Patching Press
HWB Automatic Veneer Patcher
HWB Automatic Veneer Patcher
HBJ-8Q Glue Spreader
HBJ-8Q Glue Spreader
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